Biography (English)

 Composer, Sayaka ISHIGURO was born in Wakayama, Japan. He studied at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. His master’s thesis composition won the grand prize at the university, and is archived in the university library. He had studied under Taminosuke MATSUMOTO, Teizo MATSUMURA, Sei IKENO and Takayuki MORIKAWA.
 He has won many other prizes at competitions such as in 1986 the 10th Kanagawa Art Festival Choral Composition Competition, in 2006 the 17th Asahi Composition Prize, in 2007 the 34th Guido d’Arezzo International Choral Composition Competition, and most recently, in 2009 the 16th Sogakudo of the Former Tokyo School of Music Japanese Lied Competition.

 His works, many of which feature the characteristics of Japanese folk music, have been published and performed widely in Japan such as《2 Melodies of Miyako-island》(CD, released by Camerata Tokyo), and《Children’s Songs of Okinawa》(commissioned by Ensemble Now, published by edition Kawai).
In the autumn of 2007,《Hushaby songs》(published by Ongaku no Tomo Sya Corp. , CD, released by Giovanni Records) and for piano solo《Code for Flowers》had their world premiere in United States. Recently,《3 Songs of Okinawa》which was performed in “Niki-kai week”,《A Catalog of Children’s Songs》(commissioned by Female Choir Aeolian, published by Kawai, CD, released by Giovanni) and for piano solo《Edge on Colors》won popularity. Also《Kisyu-Uta-Byoshi》(commissioned by Wakayama Children Choir, published by Kawai) and《Kii no Kodomo no Uta Asobi》have been performed at world competitions.
He is commissioned by Hi’s Opera Company to compose a new opera. This piece, titled “Misuzu”, is based on the life of Japanese famous poet, and first performance will be held in 2013 in Tokyo.

 Currently he is professor at Kobe College Music Department, and chief of Music Creation (composition) and music theory section.